welcoming art into your life take the first step

Welcoming Art into your Life

Mapping your Journey from Admirer to Artist

Maybe you are just starting your artistic journey, too humbled or pensive to boast the ‘Artist’ badge just yet. Or perhaps have already made strides in welcoming and exploring artistry in your life….Reflect on your experience to get here where you are, today.

What approach helps us to embody this auspicious way of declaring oneself an “Artist”?

At its core, welcoming art into your life is a two-step process: Adopt the right Mindset, and Take Action. This article, and many to follow, will dive deeper into both mindset and action processes to explore our beliefs and attitudes towards ourselves, what we believe constitutes art, beauty, value, and the embodiment of Artistry.

Once we bring clarity and direction to our thinking, we shed the fear-latent weight of judgment, inadequacy, and defeat towards calling ourselves ‘Artists.’ Taking action through exploring and experimenting with any and all the bounty of art forms will then be much closer to our fingertips. Suddenly, picking up an instrument, wetting the paintbrush, turning on the camera will experience as liberating and cathartic, deepening our sense of meaning and unique expression.

Resonate with the bounty of artistry

Without hesitation or question, developing as a human Being brings about an appreciation or taste for various art forms, as well as judgements for the artistic creations of others. And still, it proves far less natural for many adults to stir up the confidence to flaunt this auspicious title to ourselves, let alone to our own friends, families, or communities. Identifying as an “Artist” may cause even the most established creator to coil away, tail between their legs. 

It is a quality truly precious and unique to us that it is our nature to appreciate others’ creative expressions, through a bounty of artistic methods and materials. Furthermore, it connects us. Not only in our admiration of one another. But perhaps more profoundly, to the gifts of exploring consciousness and unforeseen, untapped potential for inspiration, connection, and healing. Art and our process promotes and cultivates greater mindfulness and liberation, adding richness and greater meaning of our lives. 

Stepping into Artist’s shoes

What has been covered so far may resonate as recipients, observers, and consumers of Art. Now I invite us to envision ourselves in the seat of the Artist. To embody the Creator of whom you admire, commend, and compliment for their courageous expression of their spirit, their creativity, and execution.

Do you feel butterflies in your tummy just by reading this? Well, performers, artists, actors, musicians, both new and legendary – STILL feel those. What may feel foreign to you will someday (trust, not so far away!) fuel the fire to courageously welcome and express your unique artistry in your self care time, your projects, dancefloors, jam circles, and paint nights. You are already practicing navigating the emotions and mental preparations that arise when we open our creativity. By imagining ‘stepping into’ the role and identity of an Artist, you have already taken the first step towards it.

As mindfulness author and real-world-example, Ellen J. Langer exclaims:

All it takes to become an Artist is to start doing art… Don’t evaluate your work for your judgements to get in your way.

Go get yourself a large canvas, and just do it.

On Becoming an Artist (2006)

Check out her book on Amazon – here!

So build your courage, and try!

How often we echo: ‘Oh no, I am not an artist!’, ‘Someone Else is an artist…’, ‘Their art is [insert value statement: good, beautiful, impressive, valuable, ‘something I ‘could never do!’].’ Well, I attest to you! You will surprise yourself if you simply Try!

Follow the advice given to Langer, which she through trial and error, came to learn and share herself: Don’t evaluate your work. Do it. It mirrors the frequent advice we hear to ‘get out of our heads and take action’. Allow art to be fun, yourself to be present, and the results will come absent anticipating any judgment trials. What did Michael Jordan say? “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”! So:

welcoming art into your life take the first step

Let courage be your mindset, and trying be your action.

Take some action. Use the power of intention and set time aside, gather any supplies – be it materials for fine art, picking up an instrument, or transforming your living room to a dancefloor. Just do it. Step into the Creative Space and outside of your comfort zone. Carpe Diem welcoming artistry into your life!

We are artists, we need each other and thrive, together.

I would love to hear your questions or ideas that may resonate with you as we explore art, painting, and artistry together. Leave a public comment below, or write me personally to connect!

I am passionate about making the best of life through cherishing relationships, exploring worldly experiences, and cultivating a creative lifestyle of art, music, dance, and fitness. I am a self-taught painter, inspired by the sublimity of nature, consciousness, love and universal transcendence that binds all of humanity and nature, together.


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