Vendor’s Terms

These Vendor Terms were last updated on April 3, 2023.

If you are signing up as a Vendor or an Art Shop Artist you have to accept and comply with the Terms and Conditions as well as these Vendor’s Terms. The Vendors Terms are extensions of the Terms and Conditions.

We reserve the right to refuse any application as Artist or Vendor to anyone for any reason at any time. Bohemian’s minds ART shop is an online ART GALLERY. We will accept only artists, we are interested to work with. We will review every application. And we will contact only those We are interested to work with.

Art shop Artist

Art shop artists will have not only their own show page but also their art will be displayed on Bohemian’s minds Art Shop page. The BM has the right to choose who will be the BM Artist and who not based on the style of the art to fit the idea of Bohemian’s minds.

Merchandise Vendor

Merchandise vendor will only have their own show page and their products won’t be shown on the BM Art Shop Page. The BM has a right to choose who will be and who not be the merchandise vendor, although the criteria won’t be so strict as for the Art Shop Artists.



Our commission is 15% of every sale.

Based on the prices of the product, you can choose your own price for the product. Where the prizes in the catalog are prizes for manufacturing the product.

You can choose your own price of the product, where the minimum price has to be 20% above the manufacturing price.

For example, Print 8 by 10 is $15, you will decide to sell them for $25, and a customer will pay $25 plus taxes and shipping. We will get $15 + 10% of the total price ($17.5) for the handling, production, and promotion and you will get a commission of $7.5.

Designing product

We are working on one on one basis, so all the designs and work are on the agreement between the BM designers and artists. Where designs are free of charge for now. All is the availability of designers dependent.


We are working on a membership system, where you can get much more options to customize your shop and create more products for better prices. More information soon.


You can withdraw your money once a month, where the money from the order stayed there for a minimum of 4 weeks, as this is our refund policy. And minimum limit you can withdraw is $200.


Our return policy lasts 4 weeks. If the customer returns the item in a new/unused condition, we will ship this item to your address and you are responsible for covering the expanses of the manufacturing product and shipping from our facility to your address.


We have a big variety of products – ART prints, CANVAS prints, FRAMED prints, Blankets, Stickets, Shoes, T-Shirts, Hoodies, Tote bags, Mugs, etc… If you have some product in a mind you would love to have, please message us and we will give you a quote. Other products could be bags, hats, phone cases, water bottles, socks, fanny packs, candles, towels, pillows, etc…

We are working on a catalog, but for now, we are working on one-on-one quoting of the products for the best experience and the best prices possible.

Testing products

With every new product, we strongly recommend buying one testing product, so you can see if everything is made to your satisfaction.