Slang dictionary

Every friendship has its own words, and here are ours. Get them to know so that we can have an even better fellowship. Check out Bohemian’s minds dictionary!


A conjunction of the words “play time” and “potential”. A light-hearted, pressure-free approach to the time one sets aside to explore their creative side. Playtential is an attitude/mindset relieving the burden of pressure that creative time ought to feel any other way than playful, safe, exploratory, valuable; without attachment to strict judgement or specific results


A nothingbook is a notebook in which you collect your ideas, thoughts, experience, jokes, projects, plans, dreams, everything you consider interesting and have it there not to forget. And use them as a recall of what you need.


The word f#ck is very often used as an expression of realization of something. And usually, the something is the FACT. So F#ct is our expression of using both words in one meaning because of similarity, not just one way. It’s f#ct.