Embrace your creativity

Relax and let us handle the details!

Your task: craft breathtaking art pieces and share the design/scan with us.

Ours: transform your art into product designs, establish your store, manufacture your chosen items, and oversee the entire process from handling and shipping to customer service. Just keep an eye on your commissions and relish the stress-free journey. No need to worry about logistics – from design to delivery, we’ve got it all covered! 🎨✨


We customize your design to fit any product in our library or bring your fresh ideas for new products – the possibilities are endless! Our goal is to ensure you, as an artist, feel fully supported.

Online Store

We’ll build your online store hassle-free. Easily add/edit products, showcase on Bohemian’s Minds, and let art enthusiasts buy through us. Stay in control with a user-friendly dashboard – monitor orders, create coupons, and track commissions effortlessly.


We’ll take care of liaising with companies to manufacture and bring your incredible art products to life, so you can relax and leave the details to us.


Rest assured, we’ll handle the packaging and shipping of the final product directly to your customer. No need to fret about writing countless emails or managing customer service – we’ve got all aspects of delivery covered for you.


With satisfied customers and the ability to collect your commission, you’ll have a reason to celebrate. Access all the essential information, including reports, ledger books, and order details, conveniently through your store dashboard.

Access your store dashboard on any device!

Easily retrieve and manage all the information you require from any location through our user-friendly website platform. Gain access to and oversee:

    • Your Products
    • Orders
    • Coupons
    • Settings
    • Payments
    • Ledger Book
    • Commission
    • Reports

Join the exclusive Bohemian’s Minds Dream Team as an artist today! Are you ready to embrace your muse? Apply now and be part of our creative community!

Adding new products is a simple process!

Input your design, description, and any additional information you wish to share about the product. From there, leave the rest to us, giving you the freedom to sit back and watch as your designs are showcased and sold across a range of products.

Welcome to Bohemian’s Minds, where artists and merchandise vendors come together to showcase and sell their amazing creations.

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We understand the value of your creative time, so we’ve got all the other aspects covered. Simply share your artwork or designs, and we’ll handle the rest – from customizing designs for selected products to managing print-on-demand processes, packaging, and shipping. Your shop dashboard provides order tracking, coupon creation, commission visibility, and easy money withdrawals. Plus, we’ll create an attractive shop front page for you to share with your fans.

ART Shops

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Various painting supplies

If you’re an artist, you’ll have the opportunity to have your art displayed not only on your own show page but also on the Bohemian’s Minds Art Shop page, which showcases our selected artists. If you’re a merchandise vendor, you’ll just have your own show page.

We’re an exclusive online art gallery, so we’ll carefully review each application before accepting an artist. To apply, simply send us a link to your artwork.

Our commission is a flat 15% on every sale, with set product prices for immediate commission clarity.

Withdrawals are monthly, requiring a minimum of $200, and the refund policy is tied to a 4-week order duration.

Explore our diverse product range, including premium art prints, canvas prints, blankets, stickers, t-shirts, hoodies and more. For specific product inquiries, message us for a personalized quote. We recommend purchasing a test product for each new item to ensure satisfaction.

Thrilled to welcome you to Bohemian’s Minds! Can’t wait to see your incredible creations!

Bohemian Minds is here to help you unleash your creative potential! Our dedicated team is committed to providing artists and merchandise vendors with the resources they need to grow and showcase their talents. We are always exploring new and innovative ways to support and promote the creative community.

Our Art Magazine is packed with informative articles to inspire and enhance your knowledge. Plus, we are thrilled to announce our upcoming exclusive Art Magazine series dedicated to marketing, specifically tailored for our artist community. Get ready to take your skills to the next level!

That’s not all! Our online academy is coming soon, offering a wide range of courses and workshops to help you reach your full potential and even share your knowledge with others.

No matter your passion for art, we invite you to be part of our vibrant community. Together, we will create something beautiful and unforgettable! Get inspired and apply today to be part of this exciting journey.

You have to agree with our Terms and Conditions and Vendor Terms before you apply, so make sure you will check them out.

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