Psy Rangers aka Dj opaQ b2b GHBeats
--- opa Q apo --- (Dj opaQ)
Coming from the heart of Europe into the beautiful BC`s wilderness, re-presenting his hometown underground classics.
Former guitar player & singer, aiming to rap-it-all out on you during his Freestyle performances, adding the spice of Fire-dance on uniquely designed stage areas.
Laying his hands on decks in his 15s, performed as Opavak MC with big DnB names like DJ Trei or Deadly Hunta, streamed live shows on the radio, enthusiastic to combine all his assets together.
Dj opaQ is a party promoter who fell in love with the natural psychedellic frequencies and formed the Psy Tree Crew with his b-day brotha Dj Filipsi.
Organizing events and festivals while utilizing music genres of mostly electronic beats – Drum & Bass, Breakbeat, Psytrance, Hip-Hop, Chill/Dub, Techno, Alternative, Funky! or Glitch Hop.
Recently collaborating with Dj GHBeats, emerging as The Psyrangers duo B2B Dj Artists! be announced soon, this is the first time oficially performing on the Mountain Dew party!
"Music is my addiction, Rhythm is the driving force, Melody is a kind accompaniment, and the atmosphere of positive vibes is my field of action - a purpose that fulfills my life with the urge to share among us."
--- Ghbeats ---
Mr. Scientific psychedelic. The psychedelic scientist.
Full of Love,positive energy and psychedelicness . Join him on his journey through the universe.
“ I am so delighted to play some tasty music for all you lovely people. Thank you Gaia Sound & Bohemian minds!! “