Opening creativity, part 4 – Don’t block emotions

The essential thing for actors is emotions. Through experiencing emotions, you are opening them in others. Emotions are creating Art. So don’t block them when your body wants to feel them.

Part 4. – Don’t block your emotions

Society has formed in a unique world where emotions are blocked, and any expression of them creates an assumption of weakness. Please, don’t believe the expression of any emotion is an act of weakness. It’s the opposite thing. Vulnerability is very important for your body, and as an actor, you should let go of the emotions you feel to get an experience and openness to them. Crying, for example, cleaning your mind to getting out all the negative things in your soul. Or expressing the joy if it is a cry of joy. Cry is an incredible thing, and you should cry. If you feel it, Don’t block it, Your body needs to put it out. If you don’t, you will be blocking some things in you. And it can create future issues, not just mental ones. Cry is cleaning of your soul.


It’s not just about crying. We have so many emotions. Let them flow if they show up. Fully and openly laugh when somebody tells you a funny joke. Stop thinking about what others will think if you will laugh loudly. If you feel you should laugh, laugh! The funny thing about laugh is – it will bring positive energy to others, and they will start laughing too, or maybe not, but believe me in the deepest of their heart, they will.


As you learn to let an emotion flow, your body will remember that, and when you create the moment of truth, emotions will come on their own without any trying to bring them. This asset will be beneficial for you as an actor. The body is smart; the body remembers.

Be vulnerable!

Experience emotions

Learn to call them back when you are onstage. Learn how to call them by reviewing your day – learn more here.

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