Opening Creativity – A Summary

If you don’t want to read all six articles, I happily will outline the goals and intentions of each I have shared as my insights into opening creativity. Here we are. This article is right for you. How to unlock your creativity? These six pieces of advice could help you do something different and eventually open your creativity more.

1. Observe

Inspiration is all around us; we need to learn to see it. It is pretty straightforward. Observe. Observe everything around you, everything you are experiencing. Especially observe people, as an actor, or perhaps a poet or storyteller – if that is your Art, too. You can learn a lot from just watching – their behavior, movements, attitude, need, style of clothing, style of expressing themself, their trigger for change of mood, and how they react in a specific situation. Observe and make a record about it in your “Nothing book.Learn more here.


2. Steal like an artist

“There is nothing new under the sun” (Ecclesiastes 1:9). Isn’t it great? If everything is already here, where are the ideas that can inspire me? Yes, from others, so steal like an artist. By stealing, I don’t mean plagiarism. No, you don’t steal the art piece, but the idea or inspiration, spirit, and approach behind it. Learn more here.

3. Review your day

By reviewing your day, you can realize so many exciting things, not just about others, but mainly about you. Checking things you have done or want to but didn’t get to increases your awareness of yourself, your patterns, priorities, and time management. And when you know yourself, you can use it to your advantage, and as an actor, you have to really know yourself. It is an essential thing for actors. How can you put yourself in art if you don’t know yourself? You can try, but it will help you more mindfully apply yourself in your process and heal whatever struggle you may have in yourself. It will also help you identify and work with your “list of emotions” and how to access them better. Learn more here.

4. Don’t block emotions

Emotions… Emotions… Emotions. Some of the main tools for successful actors. Don’t block them. If you don’t give a chance to experiencing emotions, how can you expect to embody and employ them onstage? When you experience, that is, to recognize, accept, feel, express, and release emotions in your life, it adds to your repertoire the lived experiences you will value being able to access as you adapt yourself to a role or personality trait or experience. The more situations you experience in your past, the easier to access them in your Art. Learn more.

5. Do something now

Nothing will happen just like this. Behind every successful actor/artist is a long way full of practice. Cry, feel joy, work, sacrifice, learning, etc. So it means the only thing: do something now, not tomorrow. But now! And if you don’t yet know what to do, maybe you should go through this article. Check it out here.

6. Have some side projects

Work. You are the master of your life, and if you don’t do it, who will? Have many side projects. And when you get lost in one, you can switch to another project. There is nothing better than having many projects in process. When you want to work on your acting, work on any related to your acting. When you feel you want to work on your music, make, play, experiment with your music. Have many side projects to switch from one to another. Learn more here.


Opening creativity

Here are six pieces of advice to help you continue in your work in your Artistic process, and in particular, in the process of opening your creativity. You don’t have to practice all of them, or maybe you don’t feel any advice resonates with you, but there is nothing good or bad. Just do what you think is right. And perhaps these pieces of advice will help you a little. Maybe a lot. Let me know your experience, or what may work for opening creativity within you.



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