Illustrator/Graphic designer

Marek Gabriel Kovar, also known as -MK-, is a talented illustrator and graphic designer.
His style is distinct and recognizable, characterized by his use of India ink in his drawings. Marek's illustrations often contain a blend of eerie and fairy tale elements, creating a sense of unease in the viewer. His attention to detail only adds to the overall unsettling atmosphere of his pieces.
Marek's work is not for the faint of heart and may evoke feelings of fear or discomfort, but it is certainly not lacking in impact. If you're looking for art that pushes boundaries and challenges traditional norms, Marek's illustrations are sure to do just that.

Fairytales - Canvas Prints


-MK-: Snow White – Canvas Wraps

Price: $39.40 ex. tax

Fairytales - Premium Art Prints

-MK-: The Tree of Life – Premium Art Prints

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