Join us for Inktober Challenge

It’s October, and that means the Inktober challenge has just started! Bohemian’s Minds artists will join in on this challenge. So why don’t you, too!? It is a fantastic way to motivate and keep you drawing every day in October (and we hope, beyond)! Join us for Inktober!

If you want to know more about the Inktober, check out the video below.


“How-to: InkTober” by the creator, himself – Jake Parker. Check him out here!

Here are this year’s topics.


And what does this mean for us Bohemian’s minds artists? We will join this challenge every year, and we will bring you our process by writing how it is going every week through posting our daily drawings and short write-ups about our process.

Do you think we will finish it? Check every Sunday process until the end of the challenge, and keep us – and yourself, accountable to this light-hearted, dark-spirited October challenge! Join us for Inktober Challenge!

I am passionate about making the best of life through cherishing relationships, exploring worldly experiences, and cultivating a creative lifestyle of art, music, dance, and fitness. I am a self-taught painter, inspired by the sublimity of nature, consciousness, love and universal transcendence that binds all of humanity and nature, together.


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