Bohemian’s Inktober Challenge: Part 2 – October 13th-19th

Welcome to Inktober: Part 2

Welcome once again to our Bohemian’s Minds Inktober Challenge post: Part 2!

Check-in with our artists as we sketch-on through mid-month’s drawing prompts from this spooktacular international online art challenge. We hope you, yourself, are also keeping motivated! If you have yet to check out Inktober 2021, see their website and Instagram.

Mackenzie A. Parker – m.a.p.s.Art

Whew! Time is FLYING through Inktober! How are you all doing? Autumn is my favorite time each year; winding down, bundling up, adapting ourselves as nature does all around us, and the arrival of the Inktober challenge to keep us motivated and creating as a collective. Check out my next stint of sketches from some of this year’s prompts.

Though I am far from shy to admit that I am not the most disciplined amateur artist out here, nor am I finding it easy to sit down with an abundance of energy and presence to really lean into playtential time. Frank(enstein)ly (tehe!), as busy as I get with my daily duties, hobbies, and happenings – I always count on making art as time well spent. I feel out of mind and body and into the spirit, and the creative spark ignites within again.

So, no more excuses! I have so much to thank Inktober for as an instigator of discipline in the realm of creative art in my day-to-day. Through this year’s challenge, I have come to commit myself to set aside playtential art time 4x/week throughout the year. 4 x 52 weeks/year = 208 creations and hours of dedication to making art!

By October 19th, I finished:

11. Sour: Despite the rush of this drawing session, I still feel sorry for the hallway lemon and his bully, lime slice

12. Roof: An effort for an illusion perspective drawing; standing upon a roof looking down into a room with infinity mirror inception

17. [Heart]Compass: We proceed in the right direction when leading our lives with our heart as our compass. Align|GROUND|Reflect|ENVISION

18. Moon: Total flow state non-judgemental nor planned sketch here — I have no idea where this ‘Sky Bar’ motivation came from (nor why Maddam Moon has the giant pitcher…)

19. Loop: After reading this prompt, my mind went to thought loops and the imagery of a spinning record, “Never Ending Thought Loop: Vol. 999”. I certainly haven’t attempted at drawing a vinyl record nor all the gadgets around it before. Though it felt a playful concept to suggest the ‘songs’ or content played upon the spinning record as thoughts circulating within our minds, affecting how we perceive our inner power.

Erika Retiz

I am in the middle of many changes in my life. This October I have started many new things, among them is drawing … and this is one pursuit of which I enjoy the most … finding myself drawing places me in a very intimate moment. I have enjoyed much of this, although I have not been able to follow through on a daily basis. However, I hope that each of the few illustrations I have created speaks as much to you as they spoke to me when I captured them.

By October 19th, I finished:

7. Fan – inspired by my favorite flow artist @Rachen Sullivan and my favorite toy for play -the fan.
8. Clock – magic o-clock
9. Pressure – Up to the nose.
10. Pick – fake your pick-up line
11. Sour – are we speaking the same language?
12. Stuck – dream or reality
13. Roof – ideas flourish better if you put them down the sun

Marek Gabriel Kovar – -MK-

I am always busy, and doing Inktober every day is really hard for me, but in my style, I know I will finish all 31 drawings by the last day of the month. So it happens, then I am not drawing for a couple of days, and then I create more drawings all at once.

By October 19th, I finished:

7. Fan
8. Watch
9. Pressure
10. Pick
11. Sour
12. Stuck
13. Roof
14. Tick
15. Helmet

Denisa Kristianova

I am not doing Inktober as well as I would like. So as you can see, I am one week behind. But I don’t give up. I have a plan to finish all of the topics.

By October 19th, I finished:

7. Fan – Grouse Mountain wind turbine
8. Watch – Let’s watch the stars
9. Pressure– Only human hands put pressure on the planet Earth and the nature
10. Pick – This topic reminded me of the Facebook post of one guy. He complained about people who don’t pick up poops after their dogs, and they are everywhere. They are bears….
11. Sour – Racoons ate my tomatoes. I wish to have a lemon tree.

Lenka Zaydlarova – ZayArt

Other pictures for Inktober 2021. I can feel how my progress is slowing down, which I think is normal during this challenge. But I always have on my mind that it is important to keep drawing because the aftertaste is worth it!

By October 19th, I finished:

11. Sour– lemon time
12. Stuck– zero waste
13. Roof– my kind of roof
14 Tick– my nightmare
15. Helmet– I love kids imagination
16. Compass– right direction

I am passionate about making the best of life through cherishing relationships, exploring worldly experiences, and cultivating a creative lifestyle of art, music, dance, and fitness. I am a self-taught painter, inspired by the sublimity of nature, consciousness, love and universal transcendence that binds all of humanity and nature, together.


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