Golden ration in spiral stairway

How to make your demo reel look better – golden ratio

Have you ever heard about the golden ratio? The golden ratio is a mathematical phenomenon that catches our eyes, and we don’t quite know why it is so pleasant for us. It is found in nature, in hurricanes, seashells, flowers, plants, etc. And because this ratio is like lovely music for our eyes, people quickly adapt and use it in architecture, like in the pyramids in Egypt, in Art as in Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa or illustrations for a book “De Divina Proportione” (On the Divine proportion), a book about mathematic by Luca Pacioli published 1509.

What is the golden ratio?

Mathematically, it is a ratio of 1: 1.618. We can use “the rule of thirds” to better understand, especially in photography and fine arts, like drawing and painting. Please take a photo or look at an image and divide it into 3 same sections horizontally and vertically. The points where the lines will cross is almost the golden ratio. If you want to find the perfect golden ratio, use the golden spiral. Mathematically, it uses the Fibonacci sequence – a series in which each number’s pattern is the sum of the previous numbers.

OK, OK, OK. I got it, you think, what the hell is this has something in common with demo reel or self-tape, right? Just bear with me. Now with a little knowledge of the golden ratio, you can use it to your advantage in your art process.

How to use the golden ratio?

Record your self tape in golden ratio.

Why use it?

You can find golden ratio in nature, cinematography, architecture to Art, and there is a reason for it because it is valuable almost everywhere. Our eyes are somehow drawn to it, and our brains subconsciously love it. So if we use it, our demo reels, self-tapes will look better with just a few little changes.

Position of the main object, aka “Hit the mark.”

You are preparing for a self-tape. Your camera is set up. And now, create a mark on a floor where to stand. You can use painter’s tape or sticky-notes paper. Why mark on a floor? You will have excellent preparation for the real audition to “hit the mark” without looking at it, and also, you will be sure you are in a picture. As you can maybe guess, now it’s the time for the golden ratio. Place your mark to make sure you are the object of the picture in the golden ratio.

Speak facing into the picture.

When you will do your monologue face into the picture, if you are standing on the left side of the photograph, you will speak on your reader or “imaginary” person on the right. Also, be sure your reader or “Imaginary” person is in the best spot, which means not too low, not too high, not too far from the camera, not too close (looking to the lens). The best tip is to make sure you can see your eyes because agents want very much to see your eyes. They don’t want to see a sleeping princess or pulling out the giraffe.

The golden ratio can be used in many forms, and I think it’s great to know a little about it and use it to your advantage, not just as an actor, but in any Art.

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