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How to get your improv flow

Improvisation! Improv flow! Have you ever took improv classes? If you haven’t, try it! It’s fun. On the top, you can discover so many insights about yourself and built the ability for unexpected situations in your life or on stage.

Creative work is never in vulgarism

From my experience (mainly as a theater actor), I observed that the audience reacts a lot to vulgarism. Every single play we performed with many theaters was special because of the audience and their reactions. Of course, the actor’s performance could also be the factor. But considering just the audience’s vulgar reactions, I can say using vulgarisms without any further meaning is cheeky and lame. The audience could laugh and usually do, but it never last long.

To keep your improv flow

Please don’t use vulgarism, racism, dirty jokes, etc., in improv. If it is in a theater play, it is different because the vulgarism is used and rehearse and has meaning and works (not every time, of course).  But in improv, you have to react immediately, and usually, the vulgarism won’t be on the point, so please try to avoid it. Not everybody is ready for these kinds of jokes. It will kill the creativity,

Try to avoid long sounds and long words

Aww..eee.. ahh.. you know.. I .. ehm… want to say… aa… that… You know what I mean. If you don’t have anything to say, just be silence and wait until something come up or something happen you can react again. Please avoid these sounds and words. It could feel as the interuption of the improv flow. But as usual, you can use these sounds if they got a meaning and are coresponding with the situation, your character and circumstances.

Everything has to be specific

So don’t forget – instead of yeeeees, say simple yes.

Accept situation

Accept the situation the improv is set in. Feel and be in the situation and accept the conditions of the situation, relationships of the characters and play, observe, wonder, experiment, enjoy. Don’t forget – you will never create a great comedy if you don’t accept the truth of the situation because it will bring emotions. Being present is very important for you as an actor – check out our article for being more in what you want to do.

Building up conversation

You can’t create an improv conversation if you disagree with everything. BE positive in the interaction with others. And even though you disagree with the argument, your partner said, use positive sentence to build up on it as “Yes, and…”, you agree and continue with thoughts about the topic or the opposite meaning “Yes. But…” what gives you the space to turn it into the opposite side. You can start arguing the reasons for your disagreement.

These two sentences are also used in actor’s exercises, where actors have a conversation where every line starts with “yes, and…” or “yes, but…”.

Improv flow

These tips could boost your improv flow or help you in some way as an actor or as a human being. Let us know what your tips are for improv, nervosity, etc., what you think about our tips. Let us know your story, your experience.

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