Love Flow Second Edition

December 3, 2022
18:00 - 22:00
Lucid Mansion West Vancouver


PAXKAN presents:


Doors open at 6:15 pm

-Tefa Vento –
8-10:30 ECSTATIC DANCE Journey
-Raghunath Khe-
What to bring:
*Water bottle
*Yoga mat
*Cup for cacao
Face painting
Adri O
Love flow is an artistic and healing event, carefully curated by Tefa Vento.
This event intends to guide you through an exploration of all the human senses, connect with cacao medicine, and the power of essential oils, boost your mood with colour therapy, and dance in its pure expression.
Raise the energy of love and high frequencies to let go of everything we do not want to continue carrying, treat your self, and share in total presence.
Cacao revitalizes your body and mind inviting us to express, release and unleash our creativity on the dance floor. It has forty times the antioxidants of blueberries, is the highest plant-based iron source, and is full of magnesium for a healthy heart and brain. It also has more calcium than cow’s milk and is a natural mood elevator and anti-depressant.
It is the ultimate heart-opener.
We will use light therapy to treat seasonal affective disorder, a type of depression /fringe typically appears during fall and winter.
More than three hours of pure dance with no distractions.
Be comfortable with your clothing, come as you want, light colours preferably.

About the artists


Raghunath Khe

Raghunath Khe has been an intrinsic part of the evolving dance culture for more than 25 years. An innovative composer, producer, and dj, they are interested in the transformational properties of music, movement, bhajan, and community. They have previously released three albums under the moniker Haitchc, have composed multiple original film scores, and are currently working on material for their fourth album.
Raghunath is a formal brahmana initiate within the brahma-madhva-gaudiya sampradaya (lineage), having spent several uninterrupted years as a monk studying and serving in temples both in Canada and India. They belong to the sodalities of bhakti, tantra, and ashtanga, and through familial succession, draoidh healing practice.
Regularly performing, teaching, and orchestrating events, they are affiliated with Full Moon Medicine, Back Beyond Productions, and Intention Gathering, and are a co-resident dj and organizer at Vancouver’s long-running Just Dance night. In addition, Raghunath contributes musically and otherwise to various festivals and gatherings locally and internationally.
A long-time radio presence, they are currently the host and producer of Mantra Radio on CiTR 101.9fm in Vancouver.”


Mexican Interdisciplinary artist and certified holistic therapist.
Her professional studies in communication, holistic therapy and acting have influenced each of her personal projects.
She is the founder of Paxkan, a collective of holistic therapists and artists;
Currently based in Vancouver where she proposes individual sessions, workshops, events for personal, artistic and spiritual development to all kinds of audiences.
She has presented her work in different spaces, exhibitions and festivals in Mexico, Canada and Guatemala since 2012.
She will lead a Cacao ceremony sharing original medicine music, the cacao that we will have it’s directly imported from Mexico. Sacredly prepared by her sticking to the artesanal preparation. Following she will guide you to connect with your authentic expression sharing somatic therapeutic practices to let yourself be deeply carried by the experience of dance.


“Music is part of my soul. My first gig was back in 2008 in the Czech Republic. I played with songs for a while, but my passion switched to singing, guitar playing, and acting. I started DJ
again in 2019 in Vancouver, BC, and my journey of exploration of electronic music has begun.
I am a tireless fighter for perfect art, enjoying an imperfect process. I wander and explore the magic of music from downtempo to psytrance, from acoustic to electronic music. My music will
take you on a journey worldwide through a blend of styles, touches on ethnic, classical, and folk sounds, supported by catchy rhythms and deep moving bass drums!
I am also the founder of Bohemian’s minds, an education platform for artists – Catch your muse!”



Is an upcoming French artist on the Vancouver founder of MINDSET
CHACHOU sets fuse the crowds energy into one free styling choreography
as it travels through the sound of deep, groovy & melodic beats.
Her versatile approach enables her to adapt her style for diverse crowds,
making her a desirable & highly sought out artist. Whether it’s at a festival,
club or underground rave CHACHOU is always at the front of the dance
floor embodying the unique sounds orchestrated by the artist.
In 2021 she released her first single “You Are” in collaboration with DJ
Wild Red Feat. Chris Corkal and will be releasing two more by early next
year 2023.
She has performed in various countries, such as Ireland, Thailand,
Vietnam & Vancouver while spreading her unique sound throughout
Check her music here�
Our venue is a private abode, please be respectful to our hosts. remove shoes or
wipe shoes well before entering.
Enjoy the artwork without touching
The Dark Side Of The Moon

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