The Dark Side Of The Moon

The Dark Side Of The Moon

Many people use the phrase “the dark side of the moon” to describe something mysterious and unknown. The dark side of the moon is supposed to be the side we never see, the side that faces away from Earth. This side of the moon faces the cold, black expanse of space. What could be on this side of the moon? Is it really always dark?

Join us and get ready for a night of progressive magic, and let’s fly to the dark side of the moon.

With your musical hosts:

EMOG (In Trance)

Tay Charles



Raghunath Khe


Sound Provided by RawPerspective Ent.

  • Date : 05-28-2022 - 05-29-2022
  • Time : 9:00 pm - 5:00 am (America/Vancouver)
  • Venue : TBA - Vancouver BC