Behind The Red Curtain

Hello Friends, it’s time to get together again celebrate the advent of Spring.
We will be setting up 2 rooms for dancing and enjoyment of various styles of music and a big area for Vendors and art exposition.

Room 1 will have various uptempo from house to psy trance
Room 2 will have some downtempo music from psy dub to lo-fi

Our Performing DJs:

Bear-Tik (Tech House)

EMOG (Psy Tech)

Eterna (Psy Dub, Downtempo)

Gaya-Bellissama (Psy Trance)

Judge Ming (Downtempo)

-MK- (Psy Trance)

Raghunath Khe (Downtempo, World)

SOLAR (Downtempo, Chill)

Sora (Psy Trance)

More TBA.

  • Date : 03-04-2023
  • Time : 9:00 pm - 5:00 am (America/Vancouver)