Do you really want to be an actor?

Everybody knows you. Parties, living on the edge and with glory, associating with famous actors, being admired and adored by many. If this is what you hope to gain and expect about pursuing and succeeding in acting, reconsider your intentions and conceptions of becoming an actor because these have no intrinsic connections to  acting.

It is not what you should expect. In fact, most actors are un- or underemployed. According to Nature Communications, jobless rates hover at around 90%. That is pretty high. And only about 2% of actors can make a full living through their acting pursuits. According to The Independent, if you want to know exact numbers, only one actor in fifty makes more than 20 000£ (33 903 CAD) per year. So if you want to be rich and famous and fast – do porn. Now seriously…

If you really want to be an actor, it has to be your passion deep within your soul. You have to know it, work hard and wait. It will come when and how it should come. Do something every day towards it – such as checking out the article “Four Steps to Start Your Career as a Great Actor.” Never give up! Have in mind that it took so many years before famous actors earn a great part, for example, like the cast of The Office. Jenna Fischer was struggling for eight years. Steve Carell for almost twenty years. Rainn Wilson for fifteen. So you have to be very patient, never give up, work, and trust that it will come.

As an aspiring actor, you have to be prepared for rejection time and time again. Don’t worry, keep working, because when it is your destiny, it will come. You should know it already in you. So if you feel that internal fire, need not let anyone try to put it out, get back to work, be patient, and never give up. Good luck.

About the author:

I am a never-ending fighter for the perfect ART, enjoying the process of unperfectness. I am many things and nothing, but my main focus is acting. I've studied at the Vancouver Academy of Dramatic Arts. I've been an actor in Theater Around The Corner, Moravian Theater Olomouc, Theater DiGoknu, or Mlada Scena II. And I am working hard on my craft.


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