In the raw

I was asked to write about writing, which gave me a fantastic feeling for about a millisecond until imposter syndrome sunk in. You see, other than the required general education

Bring Your Characters to Life: Part 1

Bring your characters to life. Make them alive, authentic, believable, relatable, just as the person reading the story is.  (more…)

Find Your Story and Bring It to Life

Let’s find your story. For those times you don’t know what to write, here are ideas to find your story and build it into a piece full of life. (more…)

Creating Your Writing Discipline

As with anything in life, creating a habit and having self-discipline is important. So is true for creating your writing discipline. (more…)

Getting Started Writing

Do you long to be a writer?  To create your own script, turn that amazing story into a great novel, or put that beautiful poetic prose down? Beautiful! Lean into it.  Be