Bohemian’s Inktober Challenge: Part 1 – October 1st-12th

The Bohemian’s Minds artists share their daily scribbles in this year’s Inktober challenge. Here is our progress and our process from October 1st through 12th.

Mackenzie A. Parker m.a.p.sArt

Inktober is a great motivator for me as an artist. Still working on loving and practicing discipline, my internal draw to drawing ebbs and flows throughout the year. However, each time I set aside creative playtential time, I am reminded of the inner fire that excites me as I dedicate time each day to draw. As autumn is my favorite season, I appreciate Inktober even more for encouraging artists worldwide to set ink to paper and spark creative expression.

The first ten days of Inktober have lent plenty of opportunities to engage in this daily art challenge. As I mentioned, I witnessed a warm buildup of energy swirl deep within my heart and solar plexus through daily creative time. It’s as though creative potential literally ignites and entwines together a sense of joy and purpose within, thrusting my consciousness into the present. I engage in mindfulness and breathwork and slip into the euphoria of flow state. Time seems to melt wayward, and I soak in every moment of artists exploring and play.

Despite that Inktober is not a competition between artists, it is customary to continue to be our own most prominent critic! Despite my best attempts at self and artistic love and acceptance, I indeed admit I am not so proud of some of my Inktober submissions. Nonetheless – reminding myself that the goal is simply to get drawing. Draw regularly. Draw with discipline, and hopefully, these good practices will become long-lasting habits.

For instance, on Day 1-5, I spent just 5-15 minutes on each day’s theme. These are more rudimentary and quick but just as rewarding for completing that daily drawing challenge. Day 6-10 I dedicated more presence and fewer time constraints to my drawing, so I enjoyed adding more details.

By October 12th, I finished:

1. Crystal: the quickest sketch of them all… certainly intrigued to practice more crystal shapes and textures, though!
2. Suit: each card suit represents various choices people make for their vices
4. Knot-tea Pot: a silly, quick sketch that ended up a little punny
6. Spirit: free-flowing sketch shifting between natural concepts and abstract energy
7. Fan: ghoulish red carpet!
8. Watch: surveillance
10. Pick: flipping perspective on pumpkin picking from “U-pick” to they pick U!

Erika Retiz

Hi, my name is Erika. This is my first Inktober. I have been experiencing great pleasure getting out of the virtual life and find myself creating with my hands, feeling the joy of sliding the pen on paper, and listening to the sound of the pencil creating shadows. I am using just black, grey, and white. My mind feels like a big party of emotions and memories every time I read the word prompt of the day. What a great experience! Inktober is just bringing me one reason more for loving the fall season. October is a mystical month with the biggest moons of the year. The trees turning golden and red provide the best scenario for getting inspired and create.

By October 12th, I finished:

  1. Crystal: Look into the eyes that are portals, your gaze is a clear crystal that goes further than the virtuality of the screens.
  2. Suit: This body suits me.
  3. Vessel: Trip to Tofino, enjoying whale watching.
  4. Knot: It’s almost a common feeling in my throat.
  5. Raven: Flying home. 
  6. Spirit: Visualization by the ocean.

Marek Gabriel Kovar – -MK-

I always wanted to be everything. One of the things was being a painter, so I started to draw and draw, but then I stopped drawing for a while. Then, in 2017 I saw one beautiful drawing, and I wanted to draw something similar, so I started to draw. After one year, I finished the piece, and I began to sketch more and more. Then, I came across the INKTOBER challenge and joined the challenge, and since 2018 I have been doing this challenge every year. And I finished the challenge every time!

I don’t find much time to draw, but the Inktober keeps me creating 31 pictures every year. Usually, I create more, but if not, there is this certainty that I will make at least 31 pictures. Thank you, Inktober. It pushes me into the drawing! Again and again, I am finding the beauty of this Art. The ink drawing is my favorite form of Fine Art, so the Inktober is just perfect for me. Painting and drawing help me release my inner demons and clear my mind.

By October 12th, I finished:

  1. Crystal
  2. Suit
  3. Vessel
  4. Knot
  5. Raven
  6. Spirit

Denisa Kristianova

For me, drawing has always been a process of exploration and also a kind of meditation. I grew up in the Czech Republic, where I studied graphic design and animation. Then, I moved to Canada right after I finished school. I’m also a huge fan of snowboarding, biking, and other outdoor activities. So, it’s kind of hard to find a perfect balance between outdoor adventuring and indoor creativity. But that’s why I like Inktober. It’s a challenge but also time to slow down and bring my passion to paper. A year ago, I found Whistler as my home, so my inspiration comes from the environment and beautiful nature around me.

By October 12th, I finished:

1. Crystal: Crystal Ridge Express on Blackcomb
2. Suit: My favorite winter suit
3. Vessel: There is a connection between whistler peak and River Of golden dreams
4. Knot
5. Ravens: are everywhere
6. Spirit: My mix between typical Czech animal and typical Canadian animal

Lenka Zaydlarova – ZayArt

My name is Lenka, and my heart is beating for my family, but also the Art. I have been part of the Inktober family since 2018, so this year is my 4th Inktober (you can check my previous Art on my Instagram profile, lenkazay_art). I do Inktober to improve my drawing with ink, and I also like the challenge it brings, but this year I decided to improve my digital drawing skills.

This year, in particular, is a bit more challenging since I am a mother of a one-year-old baby girl, she is my world, and I want to be the best mom I can be for her. But I am fortunate enough to find some time when my baby is asleep, and as there is no time to spare, I take a pen and draw whatever I feel that could fit the given theme at that moment. Drawing is also a kind of meditation for me, and it helps me clear my mind, and I enjoy every minute of it.

By October 12th, I finished:

  1. Crystal: magic hands training to capture the power of the crystal.
  2. Suit: suit suits anybody 🙂
  3. Vessel: wild sea full of emotions
  4. Knot: hold the hands with the right people
  5. Raven: brings the mysterious atmosphere
  6. Spirit: strongest spirit I can feel is in the forest
  7. Fan: can dry the tears but can not hide the sadness
  8. Watch: sometimes all we have at the moment is to just watch the time flow
  9. Pressure: caricature of me with all the pressure on my back
  10. Pick: choose the right star and don’t let it go out.

See you next week!

I am passionate about making the best of life through cherishing relationships, exploring worldly experiences, and cultivating a creative lifestyle of art, music, dance, and fitness. I am a self-taught painter, inspired by the sublimity of nature, consciousness, love and universal transcendence that binds all of humanity and nature, together.


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