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CATCH YORU MUSE! and let yourself grow as an artist

We are artists! We need each other! Bohemian’s minds could help you connect with others. We want to create an open-minded, exploring, family-feeling environment for helping each other grow as artists. And the ART MAGAZINE is amazing tool for it.

Let us know about yourself and we will get back to you to speak about if you are the right person to work with.

Why should you write about your artistic path?

Because you will be more focused and more motivated, and you will learn more in your field. And all this in a friendly and supportive environment.


If you are writing about any topic, you get another point of view on the subject. It will help you sort your thoughts, and you will need to find more details and information about the topic you are writing about. And that makes you learn faster. It will also help you with your language and use of language in the right way to share and teach others—a win-win situation. You will educate yourself and others.


It will keep you in your artistic phase to stick with your niche by doing that small amount of work every month. It will keep you on track and motivates you. Sometimes it is hard, but the best things aren’t for free.

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