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Want to join Bohemian’s minds dream team as an Artist? Apply today! It seems like you want to catch your muse!

Hey there! Welcome to Bohemian’s Minds, where artists and merchandise vendors come together to showcase and sell their amazing creations.

We know how important it is for you to have more time to create, so we’ve got you covered on everything else. You just provide us with your artwork or designs, and we’ll handle the rest. From customizing your design for the chosen products to dealing with print-on-demand factories, packaging and shipping to customers, we’ve got it all taken care of.

You’ll have access to your own shop dashboard where you can keep track of all your orders, create coupons, see your commissions and withdraw your money. We’ll also create a beautiful shop front page for you, which you can share with your fans.

ART Shops

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Various painting supplies

If you’re an artist, you’ll have the opportunity to have your art displayed not only on your own show page but also on the Bohemian’s Minds Art Shop page, which showcases our selected artists. If you’re a merchandise vendor, you’ll just have your own show page.

We’re an online art gallery, so we’ll carefully review each application before accepting an artist. To apply, simply send us a link to your artwork.

Our commission is 15% from every sale, and you can set your own product prices, with a minimum of 20% above the manufacturing price.

We’re also working on a membership system where you can get even more options to customize your shop and create more products at better prices, but one thing by another.

You can withdraw your money once a month, as long as the order has been with us for at least 4 weeks, which is also our refund policy. The minimum limit for withdrawal is $200. If a customer returns a product in new/unused condition within 4 weeks, we’ll ship it back to you and you’ll be responsible for covering the expenses. So it means you will have an extra product for yourself, your friends or to sell. 

We offer a wide variety of products, including art prints, canvas prints, framed prints, blankets, stickers, shoes, t-shirts, hoodies, tote bags, mugs, and more. If you have a specific product in mind, just message us and we’ll give you a quote. We’re working on a catalog, but for now, we’re offering one-on-one quotes for the best experience and prices. And of course, we recommend you buy a testing product for each new product to make sure everything is to your satisfaction.

We’re so excited to have you on board and can’t wait to see what amazing creations you’ll bring to Bohemian’s Minds!

You have to agree with our Terms and Conditions and Vendor Terms before you apply, so make sure you will check them out.


At Bohemian’s Minds, we’re dedicated to providing artists and merchandise vendors with the resources they need to grow and showcase their talents. That’s why we’re always looking for new and innovative ways to support and promote the creative community.

In the near future, we’re excited to announce the launch of our online academy, where artists and vendors can access courses and workshops designed to help them take their skills to the next level or also share their knowledge and teach others.

We’re also working on developing a NFT art gallery, where artists can showcase and sell their unique digital art pieces. We will be able to create NFTs for your ART! By using blockchain technology, we’ll be able to provide a secure and trusted platform for artists to showcase and sell their work to a global audience.

So, whether you’re an artist looking to showcase your work, a merchandise vendor looking to reach a wider audience with your new merchandise, or simply someone who loves art, Bohemian’s Minds is the place for you. Stay tuned for exciting updates and new offerings in the future!


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