Become an artist on Bohemian’s minds

If you are reading this, you have been considered one of the Bohemian minds’ artists. It seems like you want to catch your muse!

Become an artist on Bohemian’s minds and start selling your ART!

You will have more time for creating ART while your ART is selling.

We will take care of everything, you provide us with your art/design, and we will do the rest.

We will customize your art/design for the chosen products. We will be dealing with print-on-demand factories to manufacture products, handle them, pack them, and ship them to your customers.

You will have access to your shop dashboard to see all the orders, delete products, create coupons for discounts, see your commissions, and withdraw your money.

We will create your own page as your shop front page, which you can share with your fans. Here is example how it will look –
You can also choose your URL Slug. As here for artist -MK- is the slug “mk.”

Your ART will be in our Bohemian’s minds shop.


How does it work with the pricing and commissions for you?

We have a catalog (see below) where you will have all the pricing, so you will know all the prices of the product including everything (taxes, and shipping are paid by the customer.) Based on these prizes you can choose your own price for the product, where everything above the price we charge is yours as a commission.

For example Print 8 by 10 is $15, you will decide to sell them for $25, a customer will pay $25 plus taxes and shipping. We will get $15 for the handling, production, promotion and you will get a commission of $10.


We have a big variety of products, here is the list of most popular ones. If you have some product in a mind you would love to have, please message us and we will give you quote. Other products could be mugs, bags, hats, phone cases, water bottles, socks, shoes, fanny packs, candles, towels, pillows etc…

And here is a pricing of the most popular ones.


8 by 10 print – $15

Framed print

8 by 10 framed print – $33.34


12 by 16 canvas print – $50.1

Dual-stitched Blanket

L-XL-Youth – $40 – $45

Indian Ebony Watch



sheet – $8.5

sticker paper glossy finish 3 by 3 – $3.40

sticker paper glossy finish 4 by 4 – $3.75

sticker paper glossy finish 5 by5 – $4.00

More stickers cheaper price, give us a shout for the group orders.


T-Shirt – $13.95 – $29.95

T-shirt All over print $31.25-$46.25

T-Shirt Eco-friendly – 19.35 – 29.95

T-Shirt Tie-Dye – $24.75


You can withdrawal your money once a month. And minimal limit you can withdraw is $200.