cold read

Mastering cold reading for actors

What is cold reading? Should I wear a jacket or the cold read won’t be that cold? How to improve my cold reading skills? Cold reading will challenge how fast you can catch the part, how you can work under pressure, what are your improv skills, maybe even your acting intelligence, and everything with a […]

How to create an actors’ demo reel

What is an actors’ demo reel? How do I create a demo reel? Do I need one? What should I include in a demo reel? Is a video of my theater performance enough? These questions and more in today’s article.

Memorizing lines for actors

7 pm. You just received an email that you have a callback for tomorrow morning and along with the email sides with ten pages of lines. Or you should take over in a theater play as the actor is sick and you have one week to learn 2 hours long play. Or maybe you are […]

Bohemian’s Inktober Challenge: Part 3 – October 20th-31st

Welcome to our Bohemian’s Minds Inktober Challenge post: Part 3! Read more to know if we finish this challenge in a time and if not, why not! Read more and check our Art.

Bohemian’s Inktober Challenge: Part 2 – October 13th-19th

Welcome to Inktober: Part 2 Welcome once again to our Bohemian’s Minds Inktober Challenge post: Part 2!

Bohemian’s Inktober Challenge: Part 1 – October 1st-12th

The Bohemian’s Minds artists share their daily scribbles in this year’s Inktober challenge. Here is our progress and our process from October 1st through 12th.

Join us for Inktober Challenge

It’s October, and that means the Inktober challenge has just started! Bohemian’s Minds artists will join in on this challenge. So why don’t you, too!? It is a fantastic way to motivate and keep you drawing every day in October (and we hope, beyond)! Join us for Inktober!

Walking by the road, overcome your downs as artist

Overcoming downs as an artist

Have you ever felt as though you were crazy or like nobody really understands you? As though you think outside of, or perhaps do not belong in the mainstream? No worries! All artists share these thoughts, and it is more than alright to feel them, too. We all have ups and downs. And honestly, these […]

Social connections. Community interactions

Promoting yourself as an actor – social media

Acting is about promoting yourself. You are the product you want to sell (to get cast). And so we ought to ask ourselves: what exactly should I do? How can I best promote myself?

Fashion film camera. Minimal hipster summer trend flat lay. Retro design camera on vivid color. Summertime concept. Trendy fashionable film camera, creative pop art

How to create a self-tape – “Camera”

What is the right self-tape camera to create your best self-tape? Does it really matter? What are some things to consider? Is my cellphone just enough? Read more in today’s article.

the right background

How to create a self-tape – “Background”

What background to use for a self-tape? What is the right background? Is there any industry standard? Do I have to use any background, or is just a blank white wall enough? All and more in today’s article.


How to multi-task and stay in the creative process

I’ve heard many people say – “Doing many tasks can’t work! It will kill your creativity.” But my opinion – this is WRONG! Multi-tasking actually opens oneself to more creativity.

Self-tape audio setup for any budget

Should I invest in my audio setup? And if so, how much? As we learned in the article about sound (here if you didn’t check it yet), the sound is the most important thing in your self-tape, and the quality should be at least, bearable. Let’s compare some products, and maybe you will find your […]

How to create a self-tape – “Sound”

The sound quality is the most important thing for self-tape. So, how is it that we create the best audio set-up? Did you know you can improve your sound without buying a new microphone? How can you create your audio set-up at a low cost without compromising quality? Which microphone should you use, and why? […]

photographic studio space with white cyclorama and natural light

Self-tape Lighting Set-up for any Budget

How to find cheap and effective lighting set-up? Where is the line between the price and quality of the products? Do I really have to spend thousands to have a proper lighting set-up? Well, not necessary, let’s compare some products.

Beautiful female model posing at studio in the light flashes.

How to create a self-tape – “Lighting”

Do I need any self-tape lighting? Should I spend thousands of dollars to buy proper lighting? My desk lamp is just fine, right? Let’s learn about lighting! What types of lighting are on the market and how to use them. What is a three-point technique of lighting? Let’s dive in!

10 Books Every Actor Should Read

Every successful human being is a life-long learner, and one of the best ways to learn something is through reading. We, as actors, should read even more than our scripts. What are some of the best books every actor should read? We should educate ourselves in areas we think could be useful. But mainly in […]

Monk chronicler writes an ancient manuscript how to write cover letter to an agent

How to write a cover letter to an agent

A cover letter is another essential thing in the actor’s package. It is very wise to have more information before you start writing your first cover letter. Perhaps some of these tips will help you create the right impression and sign up with an awesome agent who helps you build your acting career. Let’s dive […]

top view of a cup of coffee curriculum vitae

How to write an acting resume

Do I need an acting resume? Acting is a real job, believe it or not. And as with any job, you need a resume to apply for it; to make that first impression. Alright, but is the actor’s curriculum vitae the same as a normal resume? No! Let’s learn what should be there, and how […]

Improv flow boy clown

How to get your improv flow

Improvisation! Improv flow! Have you ever took improv classes? If you haven’t, try it! It’s fun. On the top, you can discover so many insights about yourself and built the ability for unexpected situations in your life or on stage.

Golden ration in spiral stairway

How to make your demo reel look better – golden ratio

Have you ever heard about the golden ratio? The golden ratio is a mathematical phenomenon that catches our eyes, and we don’t quite know why it is so pleasant for us. It is found in nature, in hurricanes, seashells, flowers, plants, etc. And because this ratio is like lovely music for our eyes, people quickly […]

A cheerful senior man traveller with motorbike in countryside, headshot.

How to get the right headshot

A headshot is one of the essential things for an actors’s career. Why is this so important? It just a freaking photo, right? Well…yes, it is just a freaking photo, but the image is the first thing casting directors, producers, etc., will see. It is your first virtual meeting with the people who can eventually […]

Opening Creativity – A Summary

If you don’t want to read all six articles, I happily will outline the goals and intentions of each I have shared as my insights into opening creativity. Here we are. This article is right for you. How to unlock your creativity? These six pieces of advice could help you do something different and eventually […]

Various painting supplies

Opening creativity, part 6 – Side projects

Your creativity happens only if you are working on something. If you don’t have anything to work with within your niche, have some side projects. There is nothing better than have many side projects to switch between when you are overwhelmed by one.

Opening creativity, part 5 – Do something now

Have you ever struggled with creativity? Didn’t you know where to start? To do something, we need to start first. Do something now.

Opening creativity, part 4 – Don’t block emotions

The essential thing for actors is emotions. Through experiencing emotions, you are opening them in others. Emotions are creating Art. So don’t block them when your body wants to feel them.

Opening creativity, part 3 – Review your Day, Every Day

You can learn so much about yourself and others when you review your day. Let us begin our part three in opening creativity.

Opening creativity, part 2 – Steal like an artist

Have you ever struggle with creativity? Perhaps you’ve felt stuck and unsure how to play some assigned character because you’ve never lived through a relatable experience yourself. Here are six steps for boosting your creativity, and the best thing is you can apply them to your life beyond your acting career. Where should we get […]

Opening creativity, part 1 – Observe

Have you ever struggle with creativity? Didn’t you know where to start? Or you didn’t know where to get an idea? Or you felt you don’t know how to play some character because you’ve never had this kind of similar experience? Here are six steps on how to boost your creativity, and the funny thing […]

Define Your Type for Acting

What’s your type for roles? Can you use it to your advantage?


Do you really want to be an actor?

Everybody knows you. Parties, living on the edge and with glory, associating with famous actors, being admired and adored by many. If this is what you hope to gain and expect about pursuing and succeeding in acting, reconsider your intentions and conceptions of becoming an actor because these have no intrinsic connections to  acting.

Movie clapper board

Four steps to start your career as a great actor

What is Acting? The Art of becoming somebody else? Inventing the life of another person onstage? Is it to live, breathe, pretend to be somebody else? Everybody can answer differently. And every single answer can be right. Within the verb, Acting lies the word Act. To Act – to do! It is an Action! That’s […]