Painting Styles – Pointillism

Upon visiting my family over the holidays, to my surprise, I came across some pointillism paintings from my younger years. I remember loving this fun, mindful style of creating both in school and at home. So I thought in this article, let’s feature the painting style of pointillism. We’ll explore its history, some famous pieces, […]

Art of Altered States

Altered states of consciousness have long inspired us to create otherworldly, transcendental art forms. As we’ve touched on before, any creative project sources from within. Then, the artist’s creative expression of the intangible manifests, depicting the energy of dreams, emotions, and visualizations.

Art to Relieve Stress

Fantastic news for us readers and creators at Bohemian’s Minds! Scientific research confirms and echoes human experience promotes thousands of strategies to support us to feel more empowered when inevitably encountering stress. And you guessed it – we most certainly can make art to relieve stress!

Bohemian’s Inktober Challenge: Part 3 – October 20th-31st

Welcome to our Bohemian’s Minds Inktober Challenge post: Part 3! Read more to know if we finish this challenge in a time and if not, why not! Read more and check our Art.

Bohemian’s Inktober Challenge: Part 2 – October 13th-19th

Welcome to Inktober: Part 2 Welcome once again to our Bohemian’s Minds Inktober Challenge post: Part 2!

Bohemian’s Inktober Challenge: Part 1 – October 1st-12th

The Bohemian’s Minds artists share their daily scribbles in this year’s Inktober challenge. Here is our progress and our process from October 1st through 12th.

Join us for Inktober Challenge

It’s October, and that means the Inktober challenge has just started! Bohemian’s Minds artists will join in on this challenge. So why don’t you, too!? It is a fantastic way to motivate and keep you drawing every day in October (and we hope, beyond)! Join us for Inktober!

Abstract oil painting

All About Abstract Art

Abstract is one of the most subjective and debated styles of art out there. As an artist, abstract painting can feel like the most relaxed and open-ended approach to take with a brush in hand. However, as an observer, one might feel intrigued, confused, or repulsed by the ambiguity of what you see to try […]

Painting Together

Painting together is both an exhilarating and vulnerable experience. In my previous articles, I wrote of the emotional and mental blocks that many artists might experience as we gather materials and set out playtential time to actually get to do the painting – not just dreaming about it! So now let’s talk about painting together, […]


Applying Life Lessons for Art; from Art

This article will highlight the merits of applying life lessons to art and art lessons to life. Applying life lessons for art; from art highlights reciprocity between lessons learned from embodying an artist’s mindset and actions into the bigger picture of one’s life and applying broader life lessons into one’s artistic journey.

Planning Your Paintings

Planning your paintings offers many benefits in the creative process, though planning your work is by all means not necessary to produce a meaningful, valuable piece. In this article, I will explore techniques for planning your paintings. And on the contrary, discuss how not planning, that is, improvisational painting has its place in the artist’s […]

Painting with Purpose

In this article, I will distinguish and explore the specifics of planning, making, and sharing your painting with a purpose. Painting serves many purposes, ranging from playfully exploring mediums and materials, providing emotional release, creative expression, serving societal functions, and communicating messages.

7 Books Every Painter Should Read

One wonderful thing about experts in any given field is that often the Greats write their wisdom down to let the rest of us into their world. Though not every great painter publishes their journal, a blog, or a full-fledged book detailing their secrets and schemes, there are ample to be grateful to sharing their […]

woman with backpack by the waterfall

Inspiring Painting Prompts: #2. Look Around

Seek Inspiration Outside Yourself Contrary and yet friendly to my previous article, my next suggestion for sourcing inspiration asks to use your senses. Look around! In what follows, I encourage the aspiring artist to find painting inspiration outside yourself via your sensory experience.

Dreamy painter

Inspiration Sourcing #1: Look Within

One of the greatest benefits of living a creative life is the power we gain to heed inspiration and meaning in everyday experience. The intention of this article is to provide some painting prompts inspired by looking within oneself. Art is a boundless expression of human potential and meaning-making. Searching for inspiration for a painting […]

Young beautiful woman with closing eyes sitting on yoga mat in lotus pose and meditating dreamily spending time in workshop with modern paintings on background

Painting Supplies & Ways to Use ‘Em

Feeling motivated to explore your artistry, setting aside some playtential time to experiment with painting? Let’s get to the action! With bountiful materials and methods available, let’s talk about painting supplies. 

deer in headlights: where to start, overcome unknowns, and take the first steps in exploring painting

Oh dear…where to start?

Where to start as a new painter: mindset and steps in action to build confidence and practice presence in exploring one’s Artistry

welcoming art into your life take the first step

Welcoming Art into your Life

Mapping your Journey from Admirer to Artist Maybe you are just starting your artistic journey, too humbled or pensive to boast the ‘Artist’ badge just yet. Or perhaps have already made strides in welcoming and exploring artistry in your life….Reflect on your experience to get here where you are, today. What approach helps us to […]