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All you need to know to become Bohemian's minds' author.

If you are reading this, you have been considered one of the Bohemian’s minds’ crew. It seems like you want to catch your muse!

We, as artists, thrive in unity! Bohemian’s Minds serves as a conduit to connect kindred spirits within our creative realm. Our mission is to foster an open-minded, explorative, and familial environment, where artists can join forces to nurture each other’s growth. Let’s embark on this collaborative journey, where shared creativity blossoms and artistic spirits flourish together.

“Never forget that the universe is a single living organism possessed of one substance and one soul, holding all things suspended in a single consciousness and creating all things with a single purpose that they might work together spinning and weaving and knotting whatever comes to pass.”

Marcus Aurelius

Bohemian’s minds meetings are every month!

What to do before we accept you?

To commence our artistic alliance, we’d like to determine if your essence aligns with our magazine. Kindly share with us two or more articles, each spanning a minimum of 300 words, delving into your chosen art-related topic. Your submission will serve as the canvas for our evaluation, and rest assured, we shall reach out to you with our decision thereafter.

Do I have to have any previous experience with writing?

No prerequisites required! What we seek is you, the artist. As you embark on this journey, you’ll naturally acquire the art of effective writing, complemented by our guidance in SEO fundamentals. Rest assured, our editorial team is at your service, ensuring your articles are polished to perfection. Embrace the process, and through reviewing the edited pieces, you’ll glean valuable insights and refine your craft effortlessly. No need to fret about grammar – we’ve got it covered!

What Bohemian’s minds can offer you as an author?

Bohemian’s Minds extends an inviting space for artists, providing a unique opportunity to contribute to our ART Magazine. By becoming a part of this vibrant platform, you can share your artistic journey through compelling articles. This not only serves as a powerful tool for expressing your ideas but also contributes valuable, meaningful, and honest content that captures the attention of our engaged readership. Your participation allows you to weave your narrative into the fabric of our community, enriching the artistic discourse on our blog.

Why should you write about your artistic path?

Because it cultivates focus and motivation, propelling you into deeper realms of knowledge within your craft. All within the embrace of a friendly and supportive environment.

When you articulate your thoughts on any subject, you gain an additional perspective, aiding in the organization of your ideas and prompting a quest for more details. This accelerates your learning curve, enhancing both your language skills and your ability to share and teach others—a mutually beneficial endeavor.

You become an educator, enlightening both yourself and those who engage with your words. Consistently dedicating a modest amount of effort each month to write keeps you rooted in your artistic phase. It acts as a tether to your niche, helping you stay on course and maintaining your motivation.

While the journey may present challenges, remember, the most worthwhile pursuits are rarely without effort.

What are the expectations for article submissions as an artist on our platform?

Embrace kindness, openness, and honesty in your content creation. We highly appreciate regular contributions, whether it’s one article per week or one per month. It’s essential to be prepared with a backlog of articles, adhering to our guideline of having a minimum of five articles ready before publishing. This ensures a consistent schedule, preventing any challenges in case you miss a submission deadline occasionally.

The niche of your articles

Ensure your articles align with a specific niche, such as music. If you choose to write about music on a weekly basis, we will coordinate a publishing schedule, like every Monday. This means a fresh article authored by you on music will be featured every week on that day. We handle the graphic design and promotion aspects, so you only need to submit your latest article each week. While we understand that consistency might not always be possible, our guideline of having a minimum of five articles prepared in advance helps in maintaining a steady flow. If you’re dedicated to writing, aim to adhere to your committed pace.

A different niche

You have the flexibility to contribute articles in different niches, but the key is to maintain a periodic schedule. For instance, you might submit a music article every week and a literature/writing piece every month.

One-time article in different niche

You have the option to craft a “one-time” essay within an existing niche that is already featured on the page. However, it must receive approval from us, and upon acceptance, we will showcase it as a bonus article within the specific category.

What to focus on in your writing

Share articles within your niche that are educational, truthful, and uniquely from your perspective. Discuss your trials, triumphs, and the obstacles you encounter in your artistic journey. Explore techniques, both old and new, or strategies that have eased your path towards your goals. Dive into the realm of emotions and express them through your art. Shed light on your mindsets and the internal struggles you face. Additionally, consider writing about art supplies, techniques, gear, and anything else related to the artistic process. It’s crucial that everything you write is intricately connected to the world of art. Avoid detailing mundane aspects of your day unless they carry specific artistic significance. Instead, center your narratives around the artistic lens, providing insights into your life path through the prism of art glasses. If you ever find yourself at a loss for topics, consider writing a letter to your younger self, offering advice that could have expedited your artistic journey if known earlier.

How the publishing process works

We have developed a five-step publishing process.






Here’s the article submission and editing process:

  1. Begin by writing your article. You have the flexibility to edit it as much as needed, saving and returning to it at your convenience.

  2. When you feel your article is polished and ready for review, initiate the next step in the workflow by submitting it for COPY EDITING.

  3. Two editors will meticulously review your article. Upon completion, they will send it back to you for your review.

  4. Take the time to check, edit, or approve the article as is, and then send it back to the editors.

  5. The editors will perform final touches and forward the article to SEO/Visual Editing.

  6. At this stage, you can relax, as our dedicated team will handle the remaining steps in the process, ensuring timely publication, including comprehensive social media promotion.

Rest assured that your article is in capable hands once it reaches the SEO/Visual Editing phase.

Our vision is to cultivate an art family consisting of like-minded individuals—those who approach art with the same passion and authenticity that we do. We seek individuals unafraid to be honest with their art, express themselves, take risks, and embrace the role of outsiders. We are drawn to those who dare to explore the unconventional and believe in their art, remaining truthful and dedicated even amidst struggles and failures. These are the artists who resonate with Bohemian’s Minds.

We believe that every unique experience holds a story worth sharing. This is the essence of our articles and the community we aim to foster. Our articles serve as a platform to share our stories, with the purpose of not only helping ourselves but also inspiring others.

Let’s collaborate and explore what each artist needs to grow. Together, we can create, build, approach challenges, and achieve artistic aspirations. Our platform is designed to facilitate these conversations in our meetings, shaping it into a powerful tool for collective growth and acceleration.

In our belief, art is the key to discovering profound truths and transcending personal struggles.

With love,