Art Magazine Authors

All you need to know to become Bohemian's minds' author.

If you are reading this, you have been considered one of the Bohemian’s minds’ crew. It seems like you want to catch your muse!

We are artists! We need each other! Bohemian’s minds could help you connect with others. We want to create an open-minded, exploring, family-feeling environment for helping each other grow as artists.

“Never forget that the universe is a single living organism possessed of one substance and one soul, holding all things suspended in a single consciousness and creating all things with a single purpose that they might work together spinning and weaving and knotting whatever comes to pass.”

Marcus Aurelius

Bohemian’s minds meetings are every month!

What to do before we accept you?

First, we need to know if you are the right fit for our magazine. So send us two or more articles on your chosen art-related topic with a minimum of 300 words. And based on it, we will get back to you with a decision. 

What Bohemian’s minds can offer you as an author?

Bohemian’s minds is a platform for artists. You can be part of our ART Magazine, where you can share your artistic path through articles. It will give you a powerful tool to share your ideas and journey.

We want valuable, meaningful, honest content that brings attention, and people will read our blog. And you, as an artist, could share a lot.

Why should you write about your artistic path?

Because you will be more focused and more motivated, and you will learn more in your field. And all this in a friendly and supportive environment.

If you are writing about any topic, you get another point of view on the subject. It will help you sort your thoughts, and you will need to find more details and information about the topic you are writing about. And that makes you learn faster. It will also help you with your language and use of language in the right way to share and teach others—a win-win situation. You will educate yourself and others.

It will keep you in your artistic phase to stick with your niche by doing that small amount of work every month. It will keep you on track and motivates you. Sometimes it is hard, but the best things aren’t for free.

What should you offer us as an author?

Be nice, open, and honest. The best way for us is if you write articles periodically (one per week or one per month). Of course, you have to have articles in advance. Our rule is to have five articles before publishing them to ensure the article will show up on time every week or month. So there won’t be any struggle when you forget once or twice.

The niche of your articles

The articles should be in one niche, for example, music. So let’s say you decide to write about music every week. We will schedule your time when We will publish it—for example, Monday. So every week on Monday there will be a new article by you about music. We will take care of the graphic design and promotion of the article. So you will send us a recent article every week. Of course, it doesn’t work out every time. That is why we have the rule of 5 articles in advance. But if you are committed to the writing, you should stick to your phase.

A different niche

You can add articles in another niche, but it has to be periodically. Let’s say you will have a music article every week and one about literature/writing every month.

One-time article in different niche

You can write a “one-time” essay in a niche already running by somebody else on the page. It has to be approved by us, and we will release it as a bonus article in the specific category.

What to write about

Articles in your niche. Articles should be educational, truthful, and from you. Write about your trials and successes, about obstacles in your goal-chasing path. Write about the techniques issues, new techniques, or adopting new strategies as an easier way to get you somewhere. Write about your emotions and express them through art. Write about your mindsets or struggles in your mind. Write about art supplies, techniques, gear, etc., you use or need. EVERYTHING HAS TO BE RELATED TO ART! So we don’t want you to write about your day if it doesn’t have a specific meaning. Instead, write about your life path through ART GLASSES. If you don’t know what to write – write a letter to younger you with advice, that could move you faster if you know them.

How the publishing process works

We have developed 5 steps publishing process. Develop/Edit content -> Copy Editing -> SEO/Visual Ediiting -> Graphic Desing/Social Media – > Publishing/Schedule.

First, you will write your article. Then, you can edit it as much as you want and save it and return it to it if you need. You will set the article for review when you feel it is ready. It means you will send it for COPY EDITING in the workflow.

We have two editors to edit your article. And when they do, they will send the article back to you for review. You will check it, edit it or keep it as it is and send it back to editors. Then, they will do the final touches and send it to SEO/Visual Editing.

Don’t forget to include a feature photo for your article. You can find the feature image here – and include the link for the picture on the top of the article. We have full access to images, including a license for use, so don’t worry.

The picture should be exciting and say a lot about the article because we will use the picture as a promoting image for your article. So it doesn’t have to be a description picture, it could be an expression, but it has to have meaning.

We would prefer a horizontal landscape of the picture, if you will have a vertically oriented image we need to crop it, so make sure it is possible and we won’t get crop important part of the picture.

When you have the article and picture ready, you are all set. You will send it, and that’s it.

At that moment, you don’t have to worry about the article, as our team will take care of the rest of the process and publish it on time, including all the social media promotion.

What Bohemian’s minds want to create

We want to create an art family of the right people. People who are approaching Art in the same way as we do. Who are honest with their Art and expressing themselves—people who are not afraid to risk, who are not scared to be outsiders. The people who try something a little different. People who believe in their Art and are honest about it and continue creating through all the struggles and failures. These are the right artists for Bohemian’s minds.

All the stories you have experienced should be written down and be shared. And precisely, that is what our articles will be about and what we want to create. Our articles should be—sharing our stories to help us and others.

Let’s work together. Ask yourself what you need as an artist to grow? And let’s create, build, approach, and achieve it together. Let’s talk about it in our meetings and make this fantastic platform as a tool to achieve more and faster.

We believe Art is the answer to finding God and releasing demons.


Bohemian’s minds.