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As the Bible says, – “There is nothing new under the sun” (Ecclesiastes 1:9). And so it is with Art because the basic ingredients are in our hearts. All Art is coming from the heart. Our hearts speak through emotions—the emotions creating Art.

This website helps you better understand yourself, your emotions, and how to bring them into Art. 

We are creating an online platform for artists! Art Magazine, Art Gallery, Art Marketplace, Events, Art Courses, Community and more… Bohemian’s minds will connect you with other artists.

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Human beings. Ourselves. We need to bring ourselves, our true selves into the Art.

Otherwise, the Art will miss the energy of truth, emotions, love, our souls, God, feelings, the spirit of us!

Actors, you had to find your true emotions and a character’s true-life before you became a great actor.

Singers, when you were learning how to sing, you had to find your true voice first, and when you found it, your improvements were unbelievable.

Musicians, you can master some instrument, but if you do not put feelings and emotions into it, your playing is missing something. It could be good, but emotions create another dimension of the music.

Art opens us, reveals, releases, and holds us in a safe and yet vulnerable space to express our emotions. We need emotions.

My dearest artistic friends, Please put yourself, your life, your soul into your Art.
Bohemian’s minds

Tefa Vento Collection

The sweet, simple, but so complex illustration of Tefa Vento will bring you calmness and a relaxed feel for your soul. Whenever you look at them on your wall, or you will have them on your new shoes.

-MK- Collection

Once upon a time, there was... well, for -MK- aka Marek these fairytales are not so fairy as they sound. Marek is deeping in the origins of the stories and creating scary goosebumps feeling illustration for eauropean fairytales, but not only that.

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